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How to add email forwarding for a selected mailbox?

Email forwarding is a service, which allows emails, sent to a specific mailbox to be also received in one or several other mailboxes, without having to be originally destined to them. In order to enable forwarding for a mailbox, you can : Right-click on the desired mailbox and choose the “Forward” option from the context menu; Select the mailbox and click on the “Forwarding” button, above the table with the email accounts; Press the icon in the Forwarding column, next to the desired mailbox; All actions will result in a new popup, from where you can specify the mailbox you wish to forward emails to, and should a copy of the forwarded email be left in the original mailbox. Once you are done, click on the “Add” button to add the new email filter. NOTE: email forwarding cannot be enabled for a catchall mailbox. You will have to disable the catch-all service in order to active email forwarding for the desired mailbox.